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About me

This is the point that you would expect me to tell you all about my qualifications.  

But I won't.

The agenda is you and I am interested in helping you to achieve all the cool stuff that you want to achieve.

My specialist area is working with people in the foot health industry to make them more visible to their clients.

You do something else?

That's equally cool - let's have a conversation and see how I can help.


Thanks to Dave I now have the confidence inside me to take the daunting yet exciting step of leaving the NHS. He has been able to build on my ideas and give me a concrete plan of action.

I thoroughly recommend a chat with this guy. Wow! I feel empowered!
— Katrina C, Podiatrist
Dave as a natural talent for coaching and I was keen to work with him after working together on a podcast.

Recently there was some things I needed to improve on in my business life, and with his razor-sharp detection skills, Dave got to the bottom of the issue.

I am now stepping out of my comfort zone which is where I need to be for the magic to happen.
— Dianne A, Podiatrist
Dave has some genuine skills and knowledge to help build your business presence using social media.

He is supportive and encouraging, with just the right mix of listening and giving guidance. He is generous with his time and resources and I’m honoured and grateful to have his input into lots of things I do.
— Jonathan S, Podiatrist

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